Saturday, June 30, 2012

WMD at We the People Convention – Day Two

Having attended morning sessions on the impact of illegal immigration on national security and the effects of administration environmental policy on energy production, I am even more convinced that this president has deliberately accelerated us down the path towards the destruction of the very fabric of American life and culture.

Mark Lucas made a very compelling argument that the unchecked illegal immigration to this country has been subsidized by the federal government; and that our enemies, both foreign and domestic, are using our good nature and generosity against us. As frequent and loyal WMD readers know, I support a safety net for those citizens who truly need a hand up, but the welfare state we find ourselves supporting has been exploited to such a degree that our economy has become unsustainable.

Mike Carey of the Ohio Coal Association presented some information that proves that the administration is deliberately driving up the cost of energy and the truly horrific part of that is who is hardest hit: the poorest of Americans will be using over 75 percent of their post-tax income on energy expenses if all of the administration’s energy policies and regulations are enacted. There is no chance for these folks to prosper under such a crushing cost of living. Of course, the “solution” to this situation well be yet another social spending program utilizing even more taxpayer dollars that we don’t have…

I am reminded that conservatives must get better at telling this story and constructing an emotional and personal narrative that puts these issues in perspective and exposes the agenda of “spreading the misery” under the Orwellian disguise of “progress.”

Meanwhile, in the Ohio Senate, two Democrats have introduced a bill to give the “children” of illegal immigrants in-state tuition at our universities. Ohio can’t afford this stuff. I wish I could say that I think the bill is “Dead on Arrival” but with Tom “I retroactively raised your income taxes without your consent” Niehaus running that chamber as a supposed Republican, I just can’t say that it won’t go down in flames. These people can not be trusted.

UPDATE: Back home now. All in all, it was a great convention. It was great to see some old friends and make a few new ones. As Seth Morgan said at the lunch today, "It's the liberty, stupid!"