Friday, June 29, 2012

WMD at We the People - Day One

The morning sessions are now over, but an amazing day so far. I spent the early morning session with our friends at the Franklin Center learning about opposition research and vetting processes. It was a fascinating topic and every time I attend one of these sessions (including the session later today with Trent Siebert) I learn about some new (to me) resource that will make my job as a blogger easier and better.

The mid morning session, I spent learning about messaging from Ted Stevenot and Chris Littleton and our friends from American Majority. Once again, I am surprised that even in a session geared towards potential candidates, there is something that an old school blogger can pick up to help make WMD even better.

The lunch session with Dick Armey, Matt Kibbe, and John Fund was outstanding. Listening to great speakers and leaders on the conservative movement is always an inspiration.

I have decided to take the 1:00 hour to write about our experiences thus far and update all of the social media the next thing on my agenda for the day is at 2:25pm when I will attend the Matt Meyer session on Lessons from SB5 Debacle. After that, I'll be attending the session with Trent Siebert on Investigative Reporting for Citizen Journalists (NEVER miss a chance to see Trent, I'll attend tomorrow's session as well)

It has been a LOT of fun running in to folks from Facebook and people who remember our blogging panel from last year's convention. If you are here, stop by and say hello! Whenever I am not in a session, I'm hanging out in the Media Room.

Okay...that's all I got for now. More later...

UPDATE 1: Just got out of a session with Matt Meyer on the SB5 Debacle...and I have to say that while I agree with his analysis of the nuts and bolts, the one thing that he didn't mention that Chris and Ted mentioned in the Messaging session this morning is that we lost on the emotional vs. logical level as well. We have to get better at these things...

UPDATE 2: Tom Blumer has a WTPCon post up over at PJ Media's Tatler blog that you can check out here. Rumor has it he will have a Bizzyblog post up shortly as well.