Friday, September 28, 2012

Obama's China Policy

In a recent interview with The Plain Dealer, President Obama proved his inability to deal with our competitors in China. In addressing Chinese trade violations he said the United States must not “go out of our way to embarrass” the country, which he believes would “trigger an all-out trade war that would damage both economies.” Is he saying he doesn’t want to embarrass the Chinese by enforcing legal and fair trade practices? Because that’s sure what it sounds like.

The United States does not and should not support trade practices that are questionable or illegal. By saying he will not strictly refuse to accept Chinese trade policies questioned by governments the world over, President Obama is capitulating to that nation’s demands and is weakening America’s international power. But that’s only the beginning of his disappointments on matters of international trade.

On seven occasions, President Obama has refused to label China a currency manipulator. For three years, Obama stalled approval of three American free trade agreements. On Obama’s watch, the United States has sat on the sideline while our competitors have been aggressively moving forward, putting American jobs at risk.

President Obama’s trade policies are killing the American economy, and Mitt Romney is the solution. He will not tolerate unfair trade practices, Chinese or otherwise, and his economic plan will cut the deficit, achieve energy independence, champion small business, and create 12 million new jobs. That’s the sort of policy every American can get behind.