Monday, November 05, 2012

WMD on Issues

Issue 1: NO -- Ohio's constitution requires that this question be asked every twenty years. We don't need a constitutional convention because we have an amendment process.

Issue 2: NO -- Ohio's redistricting process is kind of screwy but installing liberal special interest groups in to an unaccountable committee that can spend as much as they want is not the answer.

Issue 3 - City of Fairfield: NO -- WMD opposes the reallocation of taxpayer dollars from road repair to general fund. If the roads are perfect and the money no longer needed, then return said funds to the taxpayers.

Issue 4 - Hamilton County: NO -- Cincinnati City Clowncil members do NOT need four-year terms.

Issue 24 - Butler County: YES -- While I find their yard signs a bit creepy and their argument that "won't raise taxes" to be silly when it doesn't reduce taxes either, I have found that these people do good work for butler County's children and the renewal represents 55% of their operating budget. Jerome Kearns answered every question I had satisfactorily...

Any levy increase: NO -- You don't raise taxes during a recession.

Any levy renewal: MAYBE -- Depends on the individual agency requesting the renewal. If the services are vital to the community and the agency has run their operations in a fiscally responsible manner, then a YES is deserved.