Monday, April 01, 2013

BUTLER COUNTY: Carpenter Shenanigans Rebuffed

I take no small measure of delight in this Journal piece outlining the hiring of an office manager.

As usual, one commissioner tried to bring in a crony...but in a rare moment of clarity, Don Dixon decided not to back Cindy Carpenter's plan.

Carpenter really wants to find Jeff Wyrick a job. She has failed again.

Let's go to the tape...
Commissioners Don Dixon and T.C. Rogers voted for Cooper’s employment, while commission President Cindy Carpenter voted no.

Among the five finalists who interviewed with the commission, was Jeff Wyrick, according to county Administrator Charles Young. Wyrick served a deputy clerk for Carpenter when she was county clerk if courts.

Rogers said he knew going into the interviews that Wyrick was Carpenter’s choice for the position, but said Cooper impressed him because she is currently running a large office and has the educational background for the job.
That leaves us with Dixon and here is what he had to say...
Dixon agreed. He said Cooper has a number of skill sets to bring to the job, including consensus building and dealing with personality issues in the office.

“She is energetic and optimistic. It will be a fresh set of eyes,” Dixon said.

The fact that she is from outside the county is also a plus, he said.

“She doesn’t know anybody from Butler County, she has never worked in Butler County and to my knowledge she is not related to anybody in Butler County,” Dixon said.
Someone on Facebook translated that last statement as "Let me call my family...We can get someone real soon to take that high paying, rich benefit county job, and keep the gravy train flowing."

SIDEBAR QUESTION: Has Dixon managed to get all of his cronies jobs???


The best part of the whole story was this:
Carpenter could not be reached for comment.
Of course she wasn't available, she was too busy scheming her revenge.....

Somewhere, Chuck Furmon is smiling because he doesn't have to deal with any of this crap anymore...