Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Zawistowski to Run for Ohio Republican Party Chairman

When confronted with the reality that there was no other candidate than Matt Borges, Tea Party "leader" Tom Zawistowski announced today his intention to run for Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party. In an email sent to WMD, Zawistowski reveals the thought process that leads him to believe it is time for a liberty movement leader at the top of the Ohio GOP.
After the letter went out, we started to contact State Central Committee members asking them to not vote for Mr. Borges. Many of them told us that they had to vote for Mr. Borges because he was the only candidate. Some even said that they were told that "no one else wanted the job" and "no one else wants to make the commitment." No one wants to be Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party? What does that say about the Ohio Republican Party? Nothing good. The fact is that their is only one candidate, because the party does not want any other candidate. So, even though the vote is not until April 25th, the vote is only a formality that the State Central Committee members have to go through even though they are being denied any choice for their vote. So, many Liberty Leaders, who did not want Mr. Borges, started to make calls asking other prominent Republicans to run and none would. We decided that if we did not want Mr. Borges, then we needed to offer an alternative. Otherwise we were just all talk and no action. That is the initial reason that I decided to run for Chairman.

Tom Zawistowski
Then after considering carefully what I was about to do, it became clear to me that this was actually the only logical thing to do at this point in our movement. First, I was qualified. I can do the job and do it well. Second, we are all sick and tired of fighting each other and would really like to come together and take the fight to our true enemies, the "regressive" left. The best way to do that, would be to bring the various factions of the Republican coalition together and focus their collective energies to be effective. I believe that I can do that and if I can do that I should do it. If they reject my bid, and more importantly push through Medicaid Expansion, then it will be clear to all of us that they do not intend to change the direction of the Party or more importantly embrace us as part of the party. The bottom line is that we have been dancing with the Republican party for four years and it is time to either come together or go our separate ways. I think most of us are more than ready to go our separate ways, but that something that we all know is not the quickest way to reach our goals. Therefore, I believe that we must try, one more time, to reach our hand out to the Republican Party to form a conservative alliance
WMD is of the opinion that Zawistowski would indeed be the better choice, but knowing the State Central Committee as we do it is more likely that Don Quixote will finally strike his windmill. We would, however, be pleasantly pleased and surprised if the alternative were to actually happen.

For far too long, the players in the smoke-filled backrooms of the party headquarters have been making their deals and setting the rocky course for our party. This sort of move is exactly the kind of reform that WMD considers necessary in order for real change to take place.

PREDICTION: ORPSCC will stick with the establishment and go with Borges even though it is the wrong move.


Tom Zawistowski letter to ORP Dated 4/2/13:

Tom Zawistowski Letter to ORP State Central Committee: