Monday, April 15, 2013

Ohio Democratic Party Shenanigans Enter ORP Chairman Race

I am not going to go in to the details of this, but if you haven't heard from elsewhere: Ohio's Democrats have taken notice of the ORP Chairman race and have decided to have their smearmeister, Jerid Kurtz, do his usual slime...

Kurtz called Tom Zawistowski, who is a Tea Party leader and is running for ORP Chairman, and told him to check his email and that there would be information he could use against ORP Executive Director and front-runner for the Chairmanship, Matt Borges. The information that Jerid provided via email (information which I have not confirmed and really isn't as "hot" as Jerid would have us believe because if it were, Jerid would have used it already) regards Borges' old voter registration in another state.

Tom Z. did the right and honorable thing when he received this email. He sent it to Borges so he could be ready to defend himself to this attack when it comes from Kurtz or whichever operative ends up running that particular hit. But that didn't stop the establishment hacks in the ORP State Central Committee from running their own sleaze against Tom Z.

State Central Committeewoman Sarah Brown of district 29, sent an email out to the entire state committee claiming that Tom was working with Jerid. You couldn't devise a more ridiculous or absurd lie than that but that is how far the establishment is prepared to go to protect their anointed one: Matt Borges.

Borges has enough skeletons in his closet as it is. If the state central committee is stupid enough to elect him, then it would appear that any legitimate means to reform the party are dead. The Know-It-Alls in Columbus think they can shut down anyone who opposes their scheming, but all they are doing is losing voters who are sick of this sort of backroom deal-making that can only ultimately benefit Democrats.

Ms. Brown ought to be ashamed of herself playing in to Jerid's hands like that. What utter tomfoolery and asinine charlatans we have on the state central committee. Personally, I am disgusted with them and their nonsense.