Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ohio House Sends Health Insurance Navigators Legislation to Governor

COLUMBUS—State Representative Barbara Sears (R-Monclova Twp.) is pleased to announce the Ohio House’s concurrence on Substitute House Bill 3, legislation that gives the State of Ohio the authority to regulate health insurance navigators.

Health insurance navigators are individuals or entities charged with helping citizens obtain information relating to health insurance offerings through health exchanges. The legislation makes changes to the Ohio Revised Code, specifically regarding the licensing and education requirements for insurance agents who wish to serve as a navigator, as well as the manner in which the state will regulate navigators under the federal health care law.

“It is important to outline the role of insurance navigators specific to what they can and cannot do while providing information on health insurance options through our federal exchange,” said Rep. Sears. “This bill requires strong consumer protections, such as training and continuing education for insurance navigators, criminal record checks, conflict of interest disclosures, and certifications. Although Ohioans have overwhelmingly taken a strong position opposing health care exchanges, it is important that we ensure appropriate protections and regulations as we deal with this law.”

Substitute House Bill 3 specifies that navigators are not licensed insurance agents and therefore are prohibited from engaging in selling insurance and related functions.

The House voted to concur on Senate amendments with strong bipartisan support.
MATT'S CHAT: Ohio Republicans are stabbing us in the back yet again...I can not wait until the next time Barb Sears tries to pass herself off as a conservative again.....