Monday, September 21, 2015

Banning Pay-to-Play Sports

I took notice of an interesting article in the Columbus Dispatch about a new committee being formed by Cliff Hite to look at the possibility of banning "pay-to-play" sports in schools.

Some districts have chosen to implement a fee for student participation in extra-curricular activities including sports and music. For some districts, this is a fine way to deal with exploding budgets and dwindling funds; but in other districts, pay-to-play fees are limiting participation of the less fortunate.

I look forward to hearing what Hite and company come up with as paying for all of these activities is surely going to come up. With the school funding formula fiasco being what it is already, this will surely be controversial.

I'm intrigued and unless something comes up that would cause me to change my mind, at this point I'm a supporter of the idea. It is certainly worth exploring.