Monday, September 21, 2015

RELEASE: Ohio Poll Shows up to 68% of Conservatives will NOT vote for Bush, Christie or Kasich

Akron, OH - The We the People Convention today released the results of a statewide Ohio poll that asked TEA Party/912/Liberty group leaders and group members what they would do in the 2016 election if the race were between Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden and either Jeb Bush, Chris Christie or John Kasich. Over 400 grassroots activist took the poll during the week of September 12-19, 2015 and the results showed that between 61% and 68% would leave their ballot blank, or even vote for the Democrat, if either Bush, Christie or Kasich were the Republican nominee. Even Ohio Governor John Kasich would only get 39% of their votes. In comparison, when asked the same question about Republican Candidate Donald Trump, the activist said that 71.26% would vote for Trump in a Presidential Election against either Democrat Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden.

Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention, said "The message to the Republican Establishment could not be more clear. If they force an Establishment candidate on the ballot again next year, against the will of the Republican Party base, we will not work for them and we will not vote for them and they cannot win Ohio if that happens. The statement that Kasich made at the debate, that he would beat Clinton in Ohio, is highly dubious when one looks objectively at what happend in his re-election in 2014. He did not get people to vote for him, he got over 1,000,000 Ohioans NOT to vote at all, most of whom were from highly Democratic NE Ohio and Cuyahoga County. ALL of whom will come out and vote against him in 2016. Kasich cannot beat Clinton in Ohio without our support and he will not have that support."

Zawistowski added "The Republican's own survey's show that 37% of all Ohio voters affiliate with the TEA Party movement. Any thought that a Republican Establishment candidate can win Ohio when three quarters of that 37% are willing to leave the ballot blank are simply wrong. Let me say it as clearly as I can. We will no longer vote for the "lesser of two evils", because it is still evil. If you cannot bring us candidates who are good conservatives, who will govern according to the policies and principles contained in the National Republican Party Platform, then we see no difference between them and the Democrats and we will not vote for either of them."

Zawistowski concluded "Finally let me send a direct message to those in the Establishment who are already peddling the "The next President will appoint at least two Supreme Court Justices and you would not want that to be Hillary Clinton" case for voting for the lesser of two evils. We have a two word answer for them: Roberts and Kennedy. Both appointed by Republican Presidents. Both personally responsible for the major liberal rulings of the Court in the past six years. Even when "Republicans" held 45 seats in the Senate, Reagan's first choice Robert Bork, who was a true conservative, only got 42 votes! Kennedy was then put up and approved to satisfy the Democrats. If they think that we are dumb enough to believe that Bush, Christie or Kasich, and the Establishment Republicans in the Senate, would appoint any Supreme Court Justice any less liberal, and any less beholding to K Street, than Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden, they are fooling themselves. They sure as hell aren't fooling us. If we do not get a Conservative nominee, the Republican Party Establishment will be solely responsible for loosing the third Presidential election in a row, and we are not convinced that is not their goal anyway."

The mission of the We the People Convention is to recruit, educate, and motivate Ohio citizens, at the grassroots level, to perform their constitutionally defined role in the governance of their townships, municipalities, counties, as well as in our state and nation, by providing opportunities, knowledge, and training to ensure limited constitutional governance.”

MATT: Am I surprised? No. Does it matter? Probably not. The GOP is known as the Stupid Party for a reason.