Thursday, October 01, 2015

RELEASE: AFP Applauds OH on RPS Freeze Recommendation

COLUMBUS -- The Ohio chapter of Americans for Prosperity is applauding state officials for announcing today that they recommend extending the freeze of its Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) indefinitely. The organization has consistently opposed these mandates at the state level that require utilities to buy certain amounts of their electricity from economically unviable electricity sources that are unaffordable and unreliable. The result for Ohio and other states has been higher electricity prices, which squeeze family budgets and kill jobs. 

AFP-Ohio State Director Baylor Myers released the following statement: 

"We're thrilled that Ohio is continuing to lead the way in rethinking these harmful energy mandates, and that state officials have recognized the relief this freeze is bringing to the families and businesses living in our state. This is an important step toward restoring free markets in the energy sector, and I hope Ohio's actions inspire other states to push back against misguided attempts to pick winners and losers among energy sources." 

In 2014, Governor John Kasich signed the freeze of the 2008 RPS mandate into law, giving officials a two-year window to study its effect on utility prices. Yesterday, Kasich backtracked and said that extending the freeze is ‘unacceptable,’ despite his administration characterizing the original freeze as “firmly in the sensible center.” 
A spokesperson for Americans for Prosperity said the group will continue to advocate for a free market in the energy sector, allowing for affordable, abundant energy solutions in Ohio and across the country.