Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dems Name Placeholder for Dirty Dann's AG Job...

Trying to grab some Buckeye pride, Teddy Boy named an OSU dean the interim Attorney General, replacing Marcky Marc and the Filthy Bunch Dann.
From the Big One, 700WLW
The new Attorney General for Ohio will only be in the position for six months. OSU law school dean Nancy Rogers says she has no plans to run for the job in November.
She was appointed, Wednesday morning, by Governor Ted Strickland to replace Marc Dann. He resigned after his office was caught up in a sex scandal.
Rogers became dean of the OSU law school in 2001. Her field of specialty is alternative dispute resolution.
At a press conference to announce the appointment, Rogers promised to "earn and win the public confidence in the office of Attorney General".
Governor Strickland says he believes they are "taking an important step to restore orderliness and public confidence" in the post.

5/30/08 UPDATE - MATT's CHAT: Hey Mark, I'm not real sure just what exactly her worshipfulness objected to, but Jill called you an @$$hat today (Item 13) further demonstrating the left's grand desire to rid the world of partisanship and bile. Note to Jill: That was some brilliant analysis on your end too...and thanks so much for registering your profound cognitive dissonance in the comments or a trackback.

UPDATE 2: I just realized that Mark has won two legs of the triple crown in the last week. He ticked of the Plunderdumbers on memorial Day, now Jill...all that's left is to tick off the BS Bloggers and Mark will have scored the trifecta! And in a signle week too! Mark, you are amazing!