Wednesday, March 03, 2010

About That Robo-Call for Yost in Cuyahoga

Over on Facebook, Diane Stover addressed the question of whether or not the Ohio Republican Party put out a robo-call for Dave Yost in Cuyahoga County for an endorsement:
"Matt-- to answer the question in your blog posting about whether there was a robo call...yes, I received the call myself Monday morning.

Nancy Suhadolnik did the robo-calls. Nancy is married to Gary Suhadolnik who after years of service as a Republican State Senator put a Ted Strickland bumper sticker on his car (opposing Ken Blackwell in 2006) and then later went to work for Ted Strickland. (all those GOP dollars and support down the drain except for what he gained for himself personally).

Nancy formerly worked for the Ohio Lottery and continues to be an Ohio State Central Committee woman (but she lives in Florida with her retired husband) both of them are collecting massive amounts of PERS $$$$ earned as former Republicans.

Not sure her endorsement was a plus for Yost. Her influence is probably more of a negative these days than a positive. She has opposition in her upcoming race for State Central Committee."
Since the subject of who's call this was has come up several times from multiple sources, I decided to ask Ohio Republican Party Executive Director Jason Mauk about it. Here is his response:
Not true. Yost campaign paid for a call. That’s probably it. We haven’t done any robo-calls since last year.
There ya have it, sports fans...

UPDATE 1: Another source emailed this in...
I didn't hear the robo call. I saw the ORP called me on my caller ID. There was no message. I called back and was told that I was being called to see if I was supporting Yost at the Central Committee Meeting. I said "Absolutely not."
And now I think I understand what the confusion is...

People are thinking that the ORP fielded the call because the caller-ID says it came from ORP. But what folks don't realize is that Yost for Auditor has an office at ORP HQ in Columbus too.