Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Gibbs Calls on Space to Return Rangel's Dirty Money

(Columbus) – This morning, Congressman Zack Space joined the growing chorus of legislators calling on fellow Democrat Charlie Rangel (D-NY) to step down as Chair the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. Space was quoted in today’s Columbus Dispatch saying it would be “undeniably wrong” for Rangel to remain in that post, now that he has been reprimanded by the House. Rangel’s reprimand was for taking a Corporate-financed trip to the Caribbean, in violation of House Rules, and Space has committed to voting for a Republican measure to force Rangel out from his post if the defiant Congressman doesn’t give up his post soon, according to the Dispatch .

“If Zack Space suddenly considers Charlie Rangel so bad, then why is he hanging on to the $21,000 in campaign cash he’s gotten from Rangel?” Bob Gibbs, Republican candidate to replace Space asked. “He ought to do the right thing and return that tainted money,” Gibbs said “simply calling for him to step aside is just another misdirection from Zack Space, who’s entrenched in Nancy Pelosi’s culture in Congress – and we don’t want Charlie Rangel’s cash being used to promote Zack Space’s agenda of Cap and Trade, Government-run Health Care, and more federal spending – all of which is bad for our district.”